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E-mail notification have stopped

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We are running MirrorSync 2.50702 and FileMaker 14 Server on a Windows VM.  Everything has been working fine, but for some reason the MirrorSync e-mail notifications have suddenly stopped.  I haven't found any errors or signs of other problems, the FM Server notifications (sent via SMTP server) have been fine.  There haven't been any changes to server or firewall that would have blocked port 443 (that I know of).

I saw the post from 2015 giving instructions for modifying the MirrorSync.xml file and using an SMTP server, but am wondering if there is anything else I should check.  Even if modifying the .xml file and switching to the SMTP server works, I still won't know what caused the problem.  I'd feel better knowing why something that had been working perfectly well for a couple of years now has suddenly stopped working.



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Check your computer's clock. If it's more than 5 minutes off from the actual time, then there are security restrictions with Amazon Simple Email Service that will prevent the e-mails from going out.

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