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Memory Leak with FM 15.0.2 and Email Plugin?

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I have a listserver-type system that polls IMAP accounts for new messages and then relays those messages to subscribers.  It uses the Email plugin and runs 24/7.  It worked fine with FileMaker 14 under Mac OS X 10.11.

I recently updated to FileMaker 15.0.2 and macOS 10.12.2 and while the system still works fine, it seems to be leaking memory like crazy.  The "Memory" (as shown in Activity Monitor) used by FileMaker starts around 600MB but quickly climbs over the next few hours to over 10GB, then keeps going to over 32GB.  The machine only has 4GB of memory in it, so now sure what that number represents (the "Real Memory" remains under 1GB), but it just keeps going.

Eventually, macOS puts up the "Out of Application Memory" dialog and halts everything.  The only "fix" at that point is to kill FileMaker and start the process again.

The Email plugin remained at v2.17, so I'm not sure if FileMaker 15 or macOS 10.12 triggered the issue.

Has anyone else seen this issue?  I haven't seen it with of my other FileMaker 15/macOS 10.12 upgrades except for this one, which happens to run the Email plugin around the clock.  That could be coincidental, but it's awfully suspicious.



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FYI, this turned out to be an issue with FileMaker Pro v15.0.2:  apparently it leaks memory doing stuff related to plugin APIs.  As soon as I updated to v15.0.3, the memory stayed at a minimal level, less than 300MB.

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