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Bob M

New guy has questions

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Where do I post a question about a problem I have with stacking order (fields on portal within tab control, FM11).

If this site isn't a good place to go for that, can anyone recommend a good site?

I am a novice/intermediate user. I come in peace.




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Here's good, probably the best - but what's your actual issue? The items not showing in the portal?

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Hi Bob, Welcome to the FM Forums,

Ensure that the fields are all within the first row of the portal. 

Ensure that the entire Portal is within the TAB (zooming in may help see that).

Ensure that the relationship is based on the correct keywords and that there are no extra spaces in them.

Be sure that the right side of the relationship (child side) is an indexable field.

I sent you a private message with some information on how to post and this link Anatomy of a Good Topic.


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