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In a text field I created I use to contain the Title of the songs in my music library. What I want to do is to make the field a non modifiable one. However when I do in field options, I can't add any new items. When I try, I get the message that the field cannot be modified. Is there a way I can accomplish this.


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There are a number of things you can do.  What I have in my DB is all the info is in merge fields, can't modify. I use a button (Edit) which takes me to the same layout with all fields I would want to edit.  Then on that layout a button for save (commit the record) or revert (don't make any changes), then return to the original layout.

A simple solution would be to use a button, with a script attached, to add a new item.

This button would open a new, small modal window, where you could type in the new song title into a global field.  Another button (save) would perform the script that would do the following.

Grab that value into a variable.

Clear the global field

Close the modal window

-Now your back on your original layout-

New Record

Set Field ( I assume the Title field), with the variable.

Commit records

You could even improve it so after the modal window opens, the script pauses.  Then your 'save' button just continues the script, and a 'cancel' button would just clear the field you entered the title, and close the window.

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You could use a non-enterable field (as set on the Inspector) on the layout (or a merge field). Then have a popover button next to it that opens with an editable field. If you want to support cancel, the field in the popover is a global field, and the Save button takes the global value and sets the actual field.

The nice thing about building it this way is that you don't leave your layout (and incur panel resets and triggers).

Also, the "edit" popover button can be hidden, based on a rule.

The same thing can be done with Slide Controls. Click and "edit" button and the user navs to a panel that has the editable fields.

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