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Creating a folder is giving an error in some cases

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I'm calling the script "Docubin - Add Folder ( Path ) " to create nested directories for file storage.  I call the script for each directory level, in this case three times for each file.  This works great except for one unknown reason, where is gives me 2 errors - 'Parameter missing (*)' and 'The parent directory does not exist'.  Sometimes it'll quit out of FileMaker altogether.  This is true whether I'm using OSX 10.12.4 or Windows 10.  It doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the folder names, like unusual or illegal characters.

The directory path that I pass with each script call is as such - 

/NIH G-ROP 12-009727/

/NIH G-ROP 12-009727/Financial/

/NIH G-ROP 12-009727/Financial/MDA/


It'll create the parent (1st) directory just fine, but then it'll throw the errors and write to the error table when trying to create the 2nd line.  This also happens with another example with a different parent name.  Again, I stripped out any illegal characters.


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Here is the script that is relevant to the issue - 



The mentioned variables have to following information in this case

$Path      /NIH G-ROP 12-009727 (1284)/

$Parent      Financial

gTempType      MDA


The only modification that was made to the Add Folder script in Docubin was the pause of 1 second, based on your previous solution to a different issue I posted here.  It does create the directory will the first $Path, but then it craps out after the one with the $Parent.


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I'm able to create subfolders without any trouble. Can you check for script result errors after call to DocuBin - Add Folder and let me know what happens?


Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.24.07 PM.png

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