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Matthew R White

Speed and summary calculations

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Hi everyone, thank you in advance for your help and support!

I have a field called Total Premium and over 10,000 customer records in my database.

I use a card layout as a "Dashboard/Summary" to show sales and other data for the month.

Currently my script is as follows, new layout/card, enter find mode, find records with dates for this month. perform find.

At this point for about 12-15 seconds filemaker is spinning in the background summarizing the Summary:Total Premium Field and then the data is displayed perfectly.

Is there a better/quick way to calculate and store this data on the fly, perhaps on the server or in a table that makes this summary screen faster to load?


Also, does anyone know of an article or post that's dedicated to what slows databases down and how to optimize your database?

I am opening up a branch office in Alaska next year and if loading this dashboard takes 12-15 seconds while connected on wifi to the server, it will take many minutes logging in remotely from my team in Alaska

Thank you!

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