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FM17 FMGO 17 Autocomplete Drop Down with fkProductID AND name?

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Hi everyone

i was pleased to find out that auto complete had been introduced in FM Go 17, however, it’s still not working for me because I have a Sales form that has a Products drop down box. Now the first field for the value list is fkProductID, and I use the second field to draw a list of product names. But FileMaker advanced 17 will not allow autocomplete when two fields are used. I can’t get rid of the fkProductID from the drop down box because that breaks all the related fields on the form and the inventory stock control. 

Autocomplete is not a problem on FM Pro because even with it unchecked, you can type and it jumps to the correct product range. Problem is with FM Go, I have to keep scrolling through products.

now I had a look at a YouTube video which demonstrated a script workaround, which goes to a blank form layout (invisible), does a search using product name, copies it’s fkProductID and brings it over to the sales form. But if there is a duplicate product name, this will not work. The video was made a few years back and I’m hoping there is a more official method in version 17 of FM Pro?

help much appreciated!!!

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