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Feature Request for 360Deploy - shutdown controls

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Unless I've overlooked it, a feature I'd really like to see added is some shutdown control for the remote production server.

At present, 360Deploy appears to give connected users little to no notice that the DB is going offline when it runs. It would be pretty great if 360Deploy had options like these:

(A) Scheduled process to migrate dev-->production will only execute if 0 connected users are logged in at that time; availableh options to delay migration by a user-defined length of time waiting for them to log out on their own (e.g. run this schedule at 2:00am but wait up to one hour until there are zero users logged in. Also don't let anyone else log in in the meantime; if after one hour there are still users lingering on the system, go to (B) below).

(B) Scheduled or on-demand process to migrate dev-->production would allow a user-defined shutdown timer (e.g. 5 minutes) and a user-defined broadcast ("please log out, system is going down for scheduled maintenance; expected downtime is xyz minutes" etc) to give users a less abrupt experience.

(C) Super-ideal would be timers and notices for the DEV server too since we sometimes have more than one developer working on the local dev file.

Our system is accessed globally by a dev team and by end-users so there is no handy 'after hours" time of day/night where we can reliably know that there won't be someone connected on either side of the Migration flow.

I realize those are icing-on-the-cake features but they sure would be welcome.

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Thank you for the feedback! I will forward these to the developers for consideration. 

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