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Mapping Waypoints in Web Viewer

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Hi all,

Really hoping someone can help me with this database. It is being used to collect marine mammal data from aerial surveys. Each survey has many environmental records and each environmental record can have many sightings. Because the iPad GPS is not very reliable for elevation, I import a separate table of GPS waypoints from an external GPS and use Lookup to pull Latitude and Longitude and Altitude information based on matching or near matching timestamps. Some formulas use the GPS information (i.e. plane position) and an angle to the sightings to create a position for the sighting. I would love to map the GPS positions and the sighting positions in a WebViewer (Google Maps). Having different icons colors for different species or labels would be great as well. I added the EasyMaps layouts and scripts but I am not proficient enough to know how to modify that to show the sighting information. The best I could do was plot the latitude and longitudes in scatter plots.  

Is anyone willing to assist? It's for a great cause - the aerial surveys are needed to get an abundance estimate of humpback whales in Hawaii, an urgent need given anecdotal evidence over th past two years suggesting they are in decline. File attached. Much appreciated.


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I've re-attached a much-simplified database with only the tables needed to address my problem. I'm hoping this will help to get some type of guidance on mapping these animal positions in a web viewer instead of in a scatter plot as I have it. I did leave in the EasyMaps layouts and scripts in case this would work but I have not been successful in replacing the Contacts table that is mapped with my animal locations. I'm really hoping someone in this forum can provide some guidance. Thank you.

Plotting_Multiple _Lat_Lon_Positions.fmp12.zip

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This topic is 501 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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