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Error "Exchange Server doesn't support the requested version."

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I have installed Zulu 3 on my Mac FileMaker development server and I am successfully syncing the Zulu2Example database with an iCal calendar. My ultimate goal is to sync one of my databases with and Exchange-Based calendar but I am having no luck setting up the Sync. The calendar in question is already accessible to me on the Mac via an Exchange account set up in iCal, but for the life of me I cannot get it to work with the Sync Admin settings in Zulu using identical credentials. The error I get is "The request failed. Exchange Server doesn't support the requested version."

FMS 17 running on Mac OS X v10.14.3, standard Zulu install. The Exchange 2010 server is running on Small Business Server 2011 and is remote from my development FileMaker server.

Any clues as to what is causing this error?



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