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HOW TO: Lookup Portal Record Count

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I was looking for an easy way to get a record count of a portal and couldn't see how to do it anywhere.
Luckily I found a workaround to do it and thought I'd share.

  1. Select Insert | Other Symbol.
  2. Select FoundCount.
  3. Move the new merge field into a portal row.
  4. Hide the merge field by setting 'Hide object when' to True.
  5. Give the merge field a name, for example 'PortalCount'.

Now you can use the following calculation to find the total row count for the portal:

GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "PortalCount" ; "content" )

Obviously you can change 'PortalCount' to whatever you like.

If there's an easier (and less hacky) way to do this please let me know.

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Is your portal filtered? If not, the problem becomes "how to count related records" and can be solved by a calculation field in the parent table =

Count ( ChildTable::Matchfield )

or by defining a summary field in the child table and placing it on the layout of parent.

If the portal is filtered, you can place the summary field in a one-row portal that is filtered using the same filtering expression.

Only if the portal is filtered AND you need to use the count of shown records in a further calculation, you would need to use the GetLayoutObjectAttribute() function. But in such case it might be more appropriate to filter the relationship rather than the portal - IOW, work purely at the data level.


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