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Displaying 3rd file relations

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I am making a workorder for a clothing printing operation. For the factory floor, they need a workorder showing all info needed to make and print an item.

For every order of clothing, there can be any number of images printed in varying locations, using any number of different colours.

The schema goes like this:

Invoice -< InvoiceLineItems -< LineItemLocation -< LineColour, ArtDB

If you're still with me, I've made various layouts to add a colour to art for each location.

My problem is putting this printable form. I have the workorder in the InvoiceLineItems that list all the LineItems on the invoice. Right now I use a portal to list the LineLocations and in the LineLocations DB have a valuelist base of related LineColour and a calculation that uses the ValueList function. That gets me the list of colours chosen for that location.

This is very ugly, and portals and a no-no for printing as well the valuelist part can only show so many lines.

What would superman do?

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So you are saying that a given INVOICE has one or more LINEITEMs and that each LINEITEM has one or more LOCATIONs and that each LOCATION has one or more LINECOLORs and one or more ARTDBs?

I would go to the Location and run a subsummary report, summarizing all of the information from it parent DBs and use the Troi text plugin to SUM the information from it child DBs.

SubSummary: INVOICE

SubSummary: LINEITEM

LOCATION Information

TextSum Of LINECOLOR Information

TextSum Of ARTDB Information

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This topic is 6595 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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