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Exporting Filtered Rows in a Portal

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I have two related files: a Students file and a Scores file. The Students file has a portal to the Scores file which shows different test scores for different years for different categories of tests (i.e., Reading, Math, Writing).

From within Students, I want to be able to filter the Scores portal to show, say, only Reading scores over several past years. Then I want to export only these filtered records to an excel file so I can graph the trend in Reading scores over time.

Can anyone give me some guidance how to do this?


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In general the process is as follows:

1.) Setup relationship to show only the reading scores for the student for the given timeframe.

2.) Goto the related records in the Score DB.

3.) Perform the export.

There are about 100,000,000 way to accomplish the above. One way to do #1 is to use a compound key for building the relationship, such as StudentID & TestType, rather than simply relating via StudentID. You can also do this with finds.

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