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Change Archive-History-Audit Field Sample File

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This sample file (MoveData.fp5) shows how to save changes in one field to a 'Archive-History-Audit' field.

What does this mean...

Lets say you have an 'address' field that has the data "101 Main Street". A user wants to change this data to "1000 North Broadway", but, wants to 'archive' the old address. This situation would typically require a 'notes' field where the user will copy and paste the 'old' address. This sample file will show how to accomplish this in a number of ways... Automatically!

Some possible uses...

- you could have this 'archive' any changes to field data

- you could have this maintain a 'history' of changes to field data with a date reference

- you could have this maintain an 'audit' of changes to field data with date, time, and user id/name

This file has five different examples of how to accomplish this using text fields, calculation fields, and/or scripts.

To use the file... download... open with an 'UnZip' utilitiy... open with FileMaker 5.X. This file is 'unlocked'! You can view & change the fields, scripts, etc. Do as you wish. Drop me an e-mail (bob@kundinger.org) with your comments!

Good Luck!

Bob Kundinger



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I currently use FileMaker 5.0, and the file available for download is fine except for the "A-3 Sample". One of the fields referenced uses the GetField(fieldname) function, which, I believe is not supported in FileMaker 5.0.

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