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Import via ODBC

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I use the import script step a lot and almost always from a outside ODBC data source.   The method I employ for importing is to set a variable with the sql text and then use that variable in the import script step as calculated text.  Doing it this way allows me to copy the text in a readable form from the variable when I get an "Extended Error (ODBC)" 1408  in debug and then paste it into MS SQL Studio and analyze the problem there.  

Every once in a while after making a change to sql text in Filemaker and getting a 1408 error in debug and then running the COPIED sql text in MS SQL Studio I get no errors in MS SQL Studio and the data is returned to me as expected.  I then would use the Filemaker LastExternalErrorDetail function to find out what the details of the error were because no error was reported in MS SQL Studio.  Now, sometimes I can simply delete the import script step and then add a new one and Filemaker will perform the import step without an error and sometimes NOT.  The other irony is that I can do an import from the File-Import-ODBC data source... in the same Filemaker solution and paste the COPIED text there and it works just fine but the text won't work in the script itself.  I'd also like to point out that this solution has been  running for years and just recently the target audience wanted an additional piece of data included in the results. 

What could possibly be going on here?   Did the script get corrupted?  When things like this happened I get so frustrated with Filemaker. 

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