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Related databases shared by a host computer?

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A quick question. I have a computer set up as a host to share a database over our local office network. The database is relational with 2 other database files. Do I need to have all 3 files open on the host computer to have them be shared? Or do I open the main database only, and since it is related to the 2 other files will they all automatically be shared over the network?


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If the main file is open on your machine you are the host, and other users will tap in as a guest if they open that same file.

If however, while they're working as a guest on the primary file, and any of the other related (but not open yet) files are needed (portals, related fields in layout etc. etc.), FMP will allow them to open the necessary files, but with the (first) user (to open it) as that file's 'host' -- even when the file is not on their machine. It will work, but not very well, and it will drag on speed, reliability, stability, etc. etc.

It's much better if you are using FMP (but not FM Server) on your machine, and acting as host for the office, to set up all your files to be open and set to multi-user on your host machine all the time. That way none of the guests will become remote-hosts. They will always be guests (because the files are already open and being hosted by your machine).

A quick open script on the primary file that opens all the related files as well should do the trick. That, and don't let other users access your machine directly. Ensure they only open FM files via the Host option in the Open Window. Or better yet, place a small dummy FMP file on each computer (with an alias or shortcut on the desktop) that (in its open script) finds the primary file on your machine and autoopens it, and then promptly closes itself (the small dummy FMP file) again.


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