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I’m trying to create a database with the following 2 key needs:

- 2 staff editors, who would input material into our FM database on a regular basis (so I know I need to buy them the 2 FMP licenses) 

- different clients viewing and searching this database, through a webpage, with read-only access

I’m confused with FM Cloud. Am I right that this will allow for the first need, where my two editors in different cities can access and edit the one database. 
But it will not allow for second issue, the client access, as each client would need to *buy* a FM license to access the file? 

Thanks- any advice would be very helpful. 

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It would cover your first need and potentially. your second.  But your clients wouldn't need to buy the license, you would.  With FM Cloud you get the number of licensed users that YOU pay for.  You can assign a license to anyone that you invite to your FM Cloud but it is the one with the FM Cloud subscription that pays for the user licenses.

So your clients cannot go out and buy a copy of FileMaker Pro on their own and connect to your FM Cloud.

Once you assign them a license in your FM Cloud users section they can log in and download a copy of FMP to use.

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If you assign your license to a user on your cloud.  Can i unassigned them, assigning to another.   I am FMP13 real newbie to v19

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