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Continue with script after a time if user doesn't press any buttons

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I have a shutdown script where if you quit or close the last window, a dialog box comes up and asks if you really want to quit. Pressing "cancel" halts the script, pressing "continue" closes the last window and so quits Filemaker.  I'm trying to figure out how to cause the script to continue and close the last window after a period of time (say, 10 seconds) if the user doesn't press anything at all. Script is:

Open dialog that says "Close this last window? This will close dBase completely."

If [ Dial_GetButton (DIALOGTEXT) = 2 ]     >>Note: I use Troi Dialog<<
     Halt Script
     Go To Layout [ "DevStartup" (DevStartup) ; Animation: None ]
     Close Window [ Current Window ]
End If

Thanks for any help with this.

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You could open the dialog in a small card window.  

Your script would open the card window, and pause for 10 seconds, then close.

On the window you could have 2 buttons, 'OK' and 'Cancel'.  

'Cancel' would halt the first script.

'Ok' could either do nothing (as the first script will continue and close the file), or Halt the running script and fire the close file (close card window, then close file).

You could also make it one script and attach script parameters to the buttons to do everything in one script.

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