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File in use by java.exe - error

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Following up on a post I had submitted a while ago.  


This issue has been occurring much more frequently for my client.  I've figured out that for any JPG over ~5MB they upload via the companion plugin, the file ends up in a locked state and cannot be deleted.  The message I receive when I attempt to delete the file directly from the file system on the server is that the file is in use by java.exe.  If you upload another JPG over 5MB, the first file is no longer locked and the newly uploaded file is locked and cannot be deleted.  In order to delete the file, I have to stop all java processes on the server.

Any thoughts on what the issue is given this information?  SuperContainer version 2.9516, installed on a machine running FileMaker Server 16, Windows Server 2012 R2, Java  1.8.0_161


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