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Running tally of day from a start date and stop when there is a departure date

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I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced to keep track of residence in our recovery program.  We like to keep a running total of how many days they are here in our program and have it stop when they depart our program  right now the calculation looks like this :

If(IsEmpty(Start Date) = 0; Get(CurrentDate)) - Start Date + 1 


This was done by a previous employee but it doesn't stop the calculation when the leave.  What I would like to do his to have it stop once the departure date field has a date in it but I am too new at all this to figure it out.  Any one have a calculation out there for this type of script?





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Something like:

  IsEmpty(Start Date) ; "" ;
  not isEmpty( Departure date ) ; Departure date - Start Date ;
  Get(CurrentDate) - Start Date + 1 )

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I believe it could be simply:

If ( DepartureDate ; DepartureDate ; Get ( CurrentDate ) ) - StartDate + 1

Set the result type to Number and make sure that the calculation is unstored and that the option "Do not evaluate if all referenced fields are empty" is selected.

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