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Base Elements plug-in 4.1.2 not loading on pre-Catalina systems

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Got a call this morning from a customer, his solution started with a plug-in loading error.

After some research, I discovered that pre-Catalina Macs did not load the plug-in anymore. FileMaker apps that remained running overnight had the plug-in loaded and functional, but when restarting FileMaker, the plug-in did not reload.

My first thought was that some certificate expired, allthough a "codesign -dv --verbose=4 BaseElements.fmplugin" does not reveal any expiry date. Super strange.

It had to be something expiring though. So I codesigned it again, with my own Mac developer certificate... and it loaded again.

It's half past 5 in the evening in Australia, maybe Nick or Marc get this message. I don't really know if it's OK to post the working plug-in here, I sure am going to install it at my customer, so they get through the day.

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