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Hello, and sorry for bothering you.  I run a rental office for chalets and apartments, www.bookingservice.no

I need to share a calendar for each cabin to the owner, and to airbnb.

Should it work to add the zulu fields to my reservationtable, where I have the productID for the chalets, and also the ID for the owner and use this last field (owner ID) as a filter so the owner only sees his own chalets ? I cant see how the calendar url can contain the filtering by owner ?

Any tips how I should structure this? 

And how do I set up the security in filemaker for the zulu account so the owner dont have to enter a password when adding the calendar url in his ical calendar or google calendar ?


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Hi Nicolay,

It is hard to say exactly how to structure your solution, as everyone has slightly different needs. But I can give you some information that may be helpful for using Zulu.

There are some layouts and fields that are absolutely required for Zulu to work. For example, the “ZuluCalendarList” table is absolutely required your solution. This will create a layout with the same name and all the table's fields on it. You may hide the ZuluCalendarList layout, but do not rename it, or add/remove fields from this layout.  

When integrating into your own file, understand that Zulu derives the event Field Mapping through FileMaker Layout Object Names. The Field Mapping tells Zulu which fields map to which event properties. If you check the ZuluSampleEvents layout in the Zulu2SampleData file, you will see all the fields have object names that correspond to a particular Field Mapping. You need to recreate this setup in your own file, setting the proper object names to the right fields.

You will also need a layout based on your events table. There should be no script triggers, and no other named objects on this layout. This layout can be named anything you want, but avoid special characters (spaces, hyphens, apostrophes) if possible.

 You can find a list of event properties used in Zulu here:



As for filtering, there are several ways to set up a calendar's filter. In your case, it sounds like filtering by account may be a good option for you.  Here is our documentation for filtering options:



As for setting up security, integrating with different calendar types varies. You can allow unauthenticated requests, however you should be aware that this option, while it gets around the SSL requirement of Apple Calendars, your calendars could be viewed by anyone that has your Calendar URL.  You would need to modify the .xml file to do so.  Instructions for that can be found here:



I hope this is helpful information.


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