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Filemaker Go 18 not committing data after app restart!

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I have a filemaker go application for truck drivers who deliver packages to our customers. They have to Synchronize the touring data every day!

The application works perfectly except when the app is closed. Sometimes the data gets committed but sometimes it doesn't! I have tried to use the commit record request (force + skip data entry validation) script step after every delete/set field line but it does seem to make any difference.

This is important because they have to "finish" the tour! If they close the app after finishing the tour and reopen the app, there is a 60% chance the records got committed (Tour is finished) and a 40% chance it didn't (Tour is not finished -- acts like a revert record???)!

When they reset the app (delete all records in multiple tables) and reopen the app the same problem occurs (sometimes the delete is committed after restart and sometimes it's not)

Hope anyone can help me!

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How are you syncing the data? Is there any sync log being created?  What version of FM/FM server?


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Yes I am a filemaker developer! I have found the solution myself after many... many... many try's!

I was syncing the data using import records and an external database connection, works great, no problems on that side of the story!

When you close the Filemaker Go App in IOS, the app gets forced closed! So any changes in the database are not saved (they are still in RAM not on the flash storage)

The solution.... "flush cache to disk"

Filemaker only flushes to disk when it's idle, some of the truck drivers closed the app right after a script, so the new data was not yet flushed!

After adding this script step everything worked fine!

Thanks for the quick reply guys! Hopefully someone else may find this useful in the future!

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