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Seeking (on-line) education to take the next step

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I started using FileMaker a few years ago when I was looking for a database tool to solve some tasks we previously used excel for. I learned by reading forums and blogs, watching movies on ISO FileMaker Magazine and youtube. This has enabled me to make relatively simple but functional solutions for some of the tasks I work with. However, I feel that I have quite a few holes in my FileMaker knowledge and although I have started to use me in some "advanced" concepts and tools such as virtual list, JSON, Java, etc. I feel very insecure when I do it. I have therefore been thinking about attending an education and wonder if anyone here knows of an education that might suit me? Since I live in Sweden, it almost has to be an on-line education unless nobody knows about a good education here in Sweden?


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Productive Computing University looks great, thanks!

I don't find any information on it but is your other proposal possible for me as a man? Based on the name of the page, should I assume no?

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    • By imoree
      Hello everyone;

      I must say that i find learning filemaker documentation , books,et to be quite repetitive.

      I have so much knowledge in other programs, etc that obviously took time to learn, but i was wondering if any experts could tell me if i am incorrect or on the right track.

      I have too many fmp books now that got me to at least understand basic stuff in filemaker pro. OK i understand there may be 20 different ways to do 1 thing but really?

      missing manual, filemaker desktop reference, fmp10 in depth. on & on. They all have basically the same information.

      Can anyone tell me different that basically to master fmp you have to take the basics, practice doing certain things in fmp and then try & try again until you get it to work?

      AM i off track here. I find dissecting custom functions, reading articled and examining them to the tee to be my best way to actually do what i need to do in filemaker.

      Any other ideas will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!


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