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Performing Find on Constrained Set

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I have a task list that I use to manage work orders at my cabinet shop.  This list contains all work orders for all customers.  Each record essentially contains three fields:  Customer Name - Task Description - Status.

Status can be either "Pending" or "Complete"

The Status Field is populated with the status "Pending" with an auto-enter upon record creation.

When I want to thin the list down to tasks germane to a specific customer I click on that customer's name then run the following script:

1) Set Error Capture [ on ]

2)  Copy [ Select ]

3) Enter Find Mode [   ] 

4) Paste [ Select ]

5  Perform Find  [  ]

This script returns all the records germane to a specific customer but does not differentiate between Pending Tasks & Completed Tasks.

Is there a way to filter for a specific customer but constrain the list of work orders to just those tasks that are still "Pending"?

I don't want to see all the tasks.  I just want to see the tasks that remain.

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For starters i would refrain from using COPY / PASTE as these fields need to reside on the layout and they also mess with the users clipboard.

You should  set a Variable to whatever it i is you are copying ( i am assuming the customers ID? )  - and then enter find mode and SET FIELD to that variable and if you wish to include an AND search you will set field Status to "Pending" along with what other field your searching on.

Set Error Capture [on]
Set Variable $ID = Table::ID
Enter Find Mode
Set Field: Status | "Pending"
Set Field: Table::ID | $ID
Perform Find

This is an AND find all records who's customer = 12 AND status = "Pending"



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