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I'm not a Filemaker developer so I'm hoping someone can help me with an error message that keeps coming up.

I'm am trying to test out the FM Books Connector Online integration with FMSP 7. I have FMSP connected to our companies Quickbooks Online sandbox account. When I do the PreFlight Check I get Success! in the Results / Info field. However when I click the circular arrows to run the "QB_UpdatePaymentAccounts" script I get "There was an error in trying to to use the CountEntities function for the Account entity type." error. I think it might be one of two things. We running FMSP 7 with FM 18 and 18 Server which I know can cause some parts of FMSP 7 to not work correctly. Also we are  using the 30 day demo of FM Books Connector Online. Does anyone know if either of these would cause that error message? Thanks


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