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Hello I hope all is well and everyone is safe


I have a dilemma I hope someone could help me I have been trying to figure it out but with all the video watching and reading and searching I have no Joy

I have a

Table for Contacts

Table for Analytical

Table for Samples

I have joined them witch all works fine but here is my dilemma

On the data Entry Screen I have my samples on my portal to be tested and then I click the popover to test the sample and choose the correct method I have used for the sample result. As you can see on the screenshot one test is Chrysotile / and the other is Amosite /

But I may have to examine the sample again until I get the right result I have highlighted the fields in yellow on the database relationship image what needs to be retested if needs be??? But one sample could be tested several times

I can’t figure out on how can I store the data from the first test then retest the same fields until the correct result.

But each test has to be saved for Inspections for out certification.

I hope you can understand what I mean???

Thank You




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The only part I could understand is this:

12 hours ago, extreme said:

one sample could be tested several times

This describes a one-to-many relationship between samples and tests. I didn't understand what the other tables do, but it doesn't seem like you have a table that would hold a record for each instance of a test being performed on a sample. It's also possible that such table needs to be a join table between samples and a table of test types.

In any case, I believe that what you describe is a problem of structure, not scripting or user interface (though these could come later).


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Hello Thank you for trying to understand I know it hard to view other work especially when I am still trying to learn. So I am sorry for any confusion.

The first screen Analytical Data Entry is for the address where the samples came from and the Company who has taken the samples for us to test. That is the T40_Analytical 

On the Table T50a_analytical_SAMPLES|id_sample which as a join table from T40_Analytical = ID_Analytical

The T50a_analytical_SAMPLES|id_sample is where the samples are being tested all the hi lighted yellow ones are the types of test we have to do these are the ones we sometimes need to re-test

The T50_Samples are the same as T50a_analytical_SAMPLES|id_sample

I am not sure how the best way to do this I know that it is a one to many relationship.

So any help would be gratful even if I need the change it Im stock on this :)

Thank you

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I am afraid I am not able to follow any of this. Let me suggest two things that may help you to figure this out for yourself and also to explain it to others, if necessary:

  1. Start with an ERD and put aside all layout and or UI considerations until you have a good one. Note that an ERD is not RG: every table needs only one occurrence;
  2. Name your tables after the real-life objects they represent (for example, if you have a table "for the address where the samples came from and the Company who has taken the samples for us to test", name it SampleSources or Companies or Addresses or something like that).


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