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Last Modified Timestamps - why not clear them following successful sync?

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I was wondering: Since mirrorsync centers so much about the MSMOD field (last modified timestamp) - what is the reason these are left populated after they were successfully synced? 

Both, initial sync times and incremental sync times accumulate longer and longer the more MSMOD fields have timestamps in them; even when they are the same across all synced instances? 


Would it not make sense to clear the MSMOD timestamp following successful sync to reduce the load on the sync process? 


Thank you. 

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I apologize for the delay in response.

What specific fields are you asking about? Are you asking about the modification timestamp fields set for each table that are mapped in the sync configuration? If so, these fields are important for MirrorSync to determine which records have changed state, and what values to update on each side of the sync.

MirrorSync maintains sync data against which it compares the modification timestamps to evaluate the latest record states. In the case of automatically merging fields, the modification timestamps are important to MirrorSync deciding which fields should be copied from the hub to the spoke, and vice versa.

Please let me know if that does not answer your question, or if you have more questions. 

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