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Format : Multiple fonts

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Hi there, a guy came to me with this request:

He used multiple fonts, sizes and styles under a text field and he'd like to reset that field to Arial - 14 points - Plain text. He has more than 4,000 records. Any suggestions to set the field with a new format?

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Instead of "resetting" the field to a font and size, I would advise him to reset the field to plain text with no formatting. Then the text will take on the attributes of the field instance on the layout. This will enable him to view the same text in Arial 14 pt in one layout, and print it as Helevetica 11 pt using another layout.

To reset the field in all records, start by showing all records, click into the field, and select Records > Replace Field Contents… >  Replace with calculated result =

TextFormatRemove ( YourField )


Make sure you have a backup before you try this - there is no undo if you make a mistake.

Note this will remove all formatting, not just font and size. If you want to be more selective, use the TextFontRemove() and/or the TextSizeRemove() functions .

The usual caveats about record locking by other users apply.


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Not sure what loop you are referring to. Replace Field Contents works on all records of the found set, without requiring a loop. If you apply it in a loop, you will be replacing the value of every record 4,000+ times.


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