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Button bar losing highlighted selection

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Hi All,

Need help with a basic button bar to navigate between layouts : 3 buttons, single step is Go To Layout A or B or C.
The navigation to each layout is OK. What I can't figure out is why the blue wording is the button bar does not always stay highlighted.
When I return to the layout (after having closed a card window) I include a Refresh Window step and that seems to help for that specific issue.

I would love your advice on a better method to make sure the layout that I am in stays highlighted in the button bar.


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button bars have states Active, Hover, Press, Focus the default is determined by the button bar itself you can specify which segment is the default.

when you click a button bar it will become active and will remain active unless another click is performed or the layout is refreshed and the button returns to default active segment. 

You could give each segment a name and then set a $$variable in your script and use that variable as the "default" option just choose calculation instead of any given segment. The $$variable and the segment name must match in order for it's state to be respected - plus adding a refresh object is recommended.


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