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Statistics and data analysis tools for FM Pro 16 Advanced

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Not sure if this is the right place to ask.  I am a novice here and using FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced at work, mostly entering customer / product infos at a consumer product co.

  • I am wondering if there is a way to visualize important data, such as:
  • Viewing a graph of individual product's sales performance over time. This will help decide whether a product needs to be discontinued or produced in greater qty.
  • Statistics on geographic locations of buyers, so that we can target our ads more precisely
  • Statistics on buyer gender etc

Is this something that can be added via modules / plug-ins? 




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or you use one of the many tools out there that do BI and data analysis; FM has excellent industry-standards APIs that allow those tools to connect: ODBC, JDBC, an XML API, a REST API,...

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