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One of my Covid-lockdown projects is adding some inventory control to our Filemaker solution. We started with this some time ago, and most of our rental items have got barcoded ID tags. The management of that has lagged somewhat behind. 

We have wireless barcode scanners, and one of the tasks I have in mind is verifying that items listed in the database exist in real life. (I suspect that some labels have been put on without records being created)

In theory, it shouldn't be difficult for someone to work their way along a bay of shelves blipping barcodes whilst a looping script runs in FM. The barcode reader itself beeps to let the user know that a barcode has been scanned successfully. What I need is some kind of audible indication from Filemaker that the item scanned has a matching record, and an alternative indication when it doesn't. 

The Beep script step is the obvious one to use, but it only gives one sound. Even a high and low pitched beep would be enough to do what I want. 

The other option seems to be playing sounds in a container field, but this seems a bit cumbersome for the application.

The best alternative I can come up with is using multiple Beep steps with pauses inserted in between, so we get a quick double-beep for a positive scan and multiple slower beeps indicating a problem. 

Are there any other approaches that I've missed?

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