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Button to add record to a list

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I am working on a shopping list.  I have a drop down for the item I wish to add to the list, and for the amount to purchase.  I cannot find the way to add them to a list (or portal) and they remain there.  As soon as I select another item it simply replaces the previous item.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi.  I have partially sorted it out thanks.  I have however another question.  I have two drop down lists.  One is conditional on the other.  So if I select 'MEAT' products in the first, the second only shows MEAT items.  I can add items that are not on the list which is OK, but they do not add to the items to be able to be selected in the future which is what I would like it to do.  Have 2 tables and the relationships are below.  I have the 'auto complete' checked as well.  I have also attached my file.  Thanks for you assistance. 




Shopping List.fmp12

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