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Good day All,

I'm an amateur Filemaker "developer" building inhouse solutions for various needs like planning and I'm trying to makes things less cumbersome with regards to security where all users are setup in each and every file. So when something needs to change in security I need to go to each files to make the changes, apart from an external source or an authenticating server is there a better way to use Filemaker, maybe have a single "storage security database" and have all databases authenticate via this one?

Thanking you kindly!

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Basic answer is No.

The construct you suggest here has been discussed in the past including directly with Claris/FMI.  However it currently is not part of the FileMaker platform.  Efforts to generate or invent such a system absent its being an integral part of the Platform lessen security, often by considerable amounts.


However, this White Paper might be of help to you:


Steven H. Blackwell

Platinum Member Emeritus


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