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DataTables Arrays integration

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I downloaded the DataTables Arrays bundle. I have the script installed in the solution wherein I want to utilize it. But I'm sort of lost trying to get it to read data from my solution instead of the baked-in default data provided with the bundle. 
My thinking/observations:
It looks as if the $parameter isn't getting set with my data.
It looks like I need to provide my data in the form of a JSON array, but I don't know how to do that.
It looks like the built-in $contactTable variable need to contain a table in my solution instead of the hard-coded array that's in the script's ELSE statement on line 25.

I created a DataLoader script in which I tried to correct my observations above, but I get no results in the webViewer on my layout. My assumption was, that since contactTable is being set with $contactTable as written, that I should replace $contactTable with a table in my solution. That didn't work. 

Can anyone help guide me to getting this thing to read my Table's data (about 86K records of time/labor entries)? Has anyone here tried implementing this? Carafe bills itself as "easy" so the fact that I've now spent a few hours with it to no avail makes me feel less-than-great about myself. 


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your interest in Carafe! As it happens, the two datatables bundles we have up there are two of the very first proofs of concept, and they aren't very configurable. In fact, we have a new consolidated datatables bundle in the works, and I'll dig that up today, and see if it's ready to publish officially. Even if it's not, I'll attach a pre-release version here for you to mess with.


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Hi again Dave,

I'm attaching a carafe bundle which you can import into Carafe Kitchen. Soon this will also be published on Carafe.FM, and we'll retire the two separate versions.


Just to wrap your head around the steps for deploying a bundle, maybe take a look at this video. It's talking about running a mapping bundle, but the process of creating the json in your loader script and passing it as the parameter to the deployed bundle script are the same. Just keep in mind that subsequent to this video we renamed the FileMaker utility "Carafe Kitchen" whereas the video shows it as just "Carafe"




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