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Is there a preferred Backup procedure for images held in the SuperContainer directory?

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I'm looking for recommendations on Backup products and/or procedures for the images held in the SuperContainer folder, which is in the /Users/Shared folder on our FMS Mac Mini.

We use BackBlaze for other Macs in our business and hope that we could extend its usage for the FM Server as I gather it does not touch the database files, nor others in the /Library/FileMaker Server folder. 


John Wolff

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Hi John,

I am not familiar with BackBlaze but I think if you are using it on your other Macs it will work fine for backing up SuperContainer files. You could also use TimeMachine if you are looking for a more native solution although it does require a physical drive to be connected instead of cloud storage. If you are looking for a backup strategy for your FileMaker Server files, we do offer a product called SafetyNet that will transfer your FMS backup files to AWS S3. You can read about that here.

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Hi  Ryan,

Thank you for the Heads Up reminder on SafetyNet. I never needed it whist using Rob Russell's shell scripts which behaved admirably for the former Admin Console.

I'll start using SafetyNet but wonder if Jesse can redo his video for the revised FMS Admin console. I'm finding it so much less friendly that its predecessor.



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