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How to filter the email addresses to be used in the “send email” script step Ask Question

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In FM18, I have two tables: "documents" and "recipients".

The "documents" table has (among others) the "owner" attribute, while the "recipients" has the attributes "department" and "emailAddress".

I'm working on a script that sends an email message to all the email addresses included in the records having recipients::department = documents::owner.

The script is executed when clicking on a button in a layout related to the "documents" table.

In the "send email" option form, I have selected "Collect addresses across found set" but now, what should I put in the calculation?

Below you can find some script (they are in Italian) and the relationship screenshots

enter image description here


enter image description here

The script as is now sends the email to the correct addresses. However, it sends an email for each record in the table and not only for the current record.

I'm not sure how to limit the number of sent email just to one.



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