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Calling Scripts with Data Api

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Good day 

I'm trying to figure out how I can trigger a data dump script via the data api.



version – the FileMaker Data API version requested, either v1 or vLatest
database-name – the name of the hosted database
layout-name – the name of the layout to use as the context for running the script
script-name - the script that you want to run

I checked the documentation, but couldn't quite wrap my head around the layout part. The script I want to run basically runs an ExecuteSQL statement and dumps the data to csv. Do I need to add it to a layout somehow?  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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My understanding is that the ExecuteSQL statement will not rely upon the context of the layout, so any layout will do.

FileMaker layouts are all about context, and you must be on a layout to do anything; but not everything needs context.

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