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ctrl key in web viewer

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Hello all

The ctrl key does not appear to work within the web viewer in FM pro on windows. This would be useful for text selection e.g. select all. I've implemented a restricted menu set in the hope that keyboard shortcuts would not activate anything outside the web viewer but this has made no difference.

Does anyone know a workaround for this?


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Just to clarify I am referring to text within forms. Ctrl does work with ctrl+c and ctrl+v, but not ctrl+z, ctrl+y, ctrl+Home, ctrl+end, or ctrl+a.

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For the editor, you may better look in JavaScript, what the function is it uses to perform the function from the keyboard events.

WebView.PressKey may send a keydown, but not sure whether this works.


Or check RemoteControl.PressKey function, which can press keys and has a list with control key included.

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