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Slideshow timed record advance loop

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I'm hoping to create a basic slideshow database that displays images of paintings and basic text data beside it such as title, author, dimensions etc. There will be about 150 images and I just want to import the text data from a spreadsheet and match the images via a unique filename as the match import ID from the spreadsheet. I'm using FMPro 15 and will use the Content Management example file that came with the app installation as that's loosely the look I want.

How do I create a 'run slideshow' script that loops through all the records with a time pause of say 5 secs for each record?

I found this on another post but it looks like it loops images from a portal? I'm not a savvy coder but once I understand the logic I can modify existing scripts.



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You pretty much described it, the steps you'll need are:

Go to Record (next)

There is a thing called 'kiosk mode' if you want the slideshow to be full-screen.

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OK - I've not created a loop before. Got it working now so thanks.

I think Kiosk mode is only in Advanced? I just have the pro version and can't find any support info for that function.

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Yes, Kiosk  requires Advanced in your version --  it's no longer a separate product since version 17.

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