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Any known issues on Server 18?

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Just started to work with a new client, they are running the latest v of plugin on Server 18, and every now and then it turns itself off.

Is there any known cases under which this might be the case??



John r

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Hi John,

Is this server a Windows server? If so, we don't have any reports of turning itself off but I do have a few reports of plugins not enabling automatically after a server restart. We are currently trying to reproduce that to fix it.

If it doesn't seem to correlate with a restart or this isn't a Windows machine, do you see any pattern to when it disables? Do you see anything in the FileMaker Server event log? I'd also be curious to see the plugin logs when you see this behavior. Make sure that when you send them that you have done so before re-enabling plugin as doing so will overwrite the logs. You can send the logs to support@360works.com and reference this thread.

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