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Portal question; rows higher than portal height

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Hello everybody, 

Does anyone know if it is possible to adjust the portal height independently from the row height? 

This is the case: I have portal rows of 1100px high, but would like the portal itself to be 750px. 

I know I ones managed to do this, but now I cannot figure it out anymore. 
So actually I would like the portal to display only 0,68rows. 

Thanks in advance for your efforts! 

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I believe the answer is no. If you have objects in a portal row that occupy a certain height, and you make the portal shorter than that height, some of those objects will be cut off and scrolling the portal will not reveal the missing parts.

What would be the purpose of this anyway?


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Thanks Steve Martino and comment for your reactions. 
@Steve: I played around with these values, and could not manage to create a rowheight which is higher than the portal height... 

@comment: what I did manage so far is that when I put the portal on a 'tab', that the tab will chop off the excess height. 

The purpose is that I have some text which the users can edit. They should see one chapter at once. This chapter is divided in maximum eight paragraphs, each having their own Title and Text (see image). 
The total height easily exceeds the 750px of available height, so I would love to have it scrollable. 

Schermafbeelding 2020-08-12 om 16.13.48.png

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On the left you see all the different Chapters. This could be many (as in >100). 
Each Chapter is a record, and has 8 Title-fields and 8 Text-fields. It is important that they stay separated. 
On the right side you see 4 of the 8 Title-&Textfields. The rest is 'under' the edge of the tab. 
With this setup, the users can scroll from the one chapter on to the next, without the need of clicking 'next chapter'.  

This is for me now the best way to achieve what I want. But every suggestion is still welcome! 

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11 minutes ago, marnixkasper said:

Each Chapter is a record, and has 8 Title-fields and 8 Text-fields.

Regardless of the current problem (which I still don't understand), this is not a good structure to have. There should be a separate table for paragraphs, where each paragraph would be an individual record.


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