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ODBC Connection to FMPS19 from old web server

Pat Mullen

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Several years ago I developed a FileMaker Pro-dependent room scheduling solution that populates a web page via ODBC connection to a macOS 10.12-based FileMaker Pro server, based on user input to that page (pick the room, see the schedule). The web page is hosted on an old macOS 10.9 web server.

Our web site is moving to a campus hosted Drupal environment, but I can't move my custom solution that host, so we need to keep the old server running awhile longer while we figure out something else.

At the same time our macOS 10.12 data server (FileMaker Server 16) is being replaced with a macOS 10.15 server (FileMaker Server 19). I thought I could just reroute the ODBC connection to the new server, but that isn't working. The old web server is unable to establish an ODBC connection with FMS 19. I suspect macOS 10.9 might not meet the SSL requirements of either macOS 10.15 or (more likely) FMS 19.

To test my suspicion I installed the latest ODBC driver and ODBC Manager on my desktop (running macOS 10.14) and set up the connection to the FMPro 19 server in ODBC Manager. The test connects instantly without a problem.

Is it even possible to use a macOS 10.9 machine to connect via ODBC to FMPro Server 19? If SSL really is the problem can I do anything about it?

Thanks in advance...

Pat Mullen


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This topic is 1009 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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