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Run a Script on a Weekly basis?

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I have a client who would like his database to automatically generate a certain report every Monday morning.  I thought there was a script step that could achieve this sort of thing but now I'm not so sure. I guess Filemaker isn't constantly checking the time after all, right?

I suppose I could have a start-up script that checks the day / time when the file is opened and produces the report under certain conditions . . . but if the file is just left open, there's no way to trigger a script to fire at a certain time every week?

Essentially, the client wishes to have certain information "pushed" at him at the beginning of each week so he doesn't have to remember to check it.  Is this achievable?

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I believe your best option is to schedule a repeating event using the Calendar application and have it open a file. The file itself would be a simple FMP file that runs a start-up script that calls the report script in your "real" file, then closes itself. 

The other option is to install an OnTimer script - but I found that to be very inaccurate and I wouldn't use it for such a long interval. And of course it wouldn't work if the file weren't already open.


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