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Create an Automated Script to Increment a number by 1

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I am a beginner in Filemaker using Filemaker 18 and I need a script to increment a number by 1.

I have 3 fields.

Start Number

End Number

New Number

I want to enter a number in the start field "50"

I want to enter a number in the end field "100"

I need the script to create a new record each time filling in the "New Number" field starting at 50 and ending with 100

Please dumb down the answer as much as possible because I am not at all familiar with scripting.


Thanks in advance for the help



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Can you explain why you need this? It seems like you should have two tables: a parent table where you would enter the start and end values; and a child table where the script would create an individual record for each value between start and end, and relate it to the parent record. Having all three fields in the same table makes very little sense.


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8 minutes ago, dancer5678 said:

I need to create a unique barcode for each record.

I am afraid that doesn't tell me much. Please explain what do these numbers represent in real life and how do you intend to use them one they are generated. 


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Thank you for your help. It looks like it will work. One other question. In filemaker after data is entered is there a way to lock the data so it cant be modified by the user.

For example the data entry department enters the data

But you don't want the sales staff to be able to alter what they entered

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6 minutes ago, dancer5678 said:

you don't want the sales staff to be able to alter

That can be handled by taking away editing privileges from the privilege set of the sales staff - see:

Post a separate question if you need more help with this.


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 I am back to the barcode database question.

I added a field called "Barcode" and a field called "Barcode Calculation"

I need the value that you are creating in the child table record to go into the barcode field so that I can change the Barcode Calculation field to a Barcode font.


Right now it is showing up as a 0

I have attached the DB you sent me with my additions. can you tell me what I have to fix to make this work.



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IIUC, you want to make the calculation =

"*" & Value & "*"

and set the result type to Text. You don't need two calculation fields for this. In fact, you may not need a calculation field at all - you could simply type:


directly onto the layout.


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