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Can I reference, in a portal row, a file already stored in portal of a different record?

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Hello everyone,

I'm storing some videos in a portal in record A. If I'd like to have access to a video already stored in record A from another record, is there a way to reference that record A video in that other record portal. The idea is to avoid duplication and, at the same time, having a copy of the video in my solution, as opposed to storing it on my computer hard drive.


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What tables do you have? What table is record A? What is the table that the portal is based on? What is their relationship? You say the video is in record A? Is it or is it in the portal table?

Perhaps what you need is a join table. This is the typical structure used to resolve a many-to-many relationship. For example, 

Actor->Roles<-Movies. Roles is the join table. 

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