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Empty Password working only every 2nd sync

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Hi everyone,

my solution has a standard user without a password. Start syncying, mirrorsync asks for a password, I left it blank. Syncing works perfectly.

On the 2nd time syncing I get the error "Authentication failed, try running the sync again, you will be prompted for a password.

Starting syncing again, it asks for a password, I left it blank, it works perfectly.

Then syncing again, I get the error message again. And so on.

It seems MirrorSync can't handle empty passwords correctly.

Any solution?



Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-15 um 20.05.25.png

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This is expected behavior. The FileMaker Data API requires that you log into the database


-> Prepare databases for FileMaker Data API access -> Protect your FileMaker Data API solutions

In your sync configuration, if you are selecting the option to use FileMaker credentials to log into the hub database, you will need to set passwords for user accounts that want to sync. If users have the same access to records in the database as a Full Access account, you can set it to use hub credentials when logging into the hub. The hub credentials should be for a Full Access account, and a Full Access account requires password-protection in solutions hosted on FileMaker Server 17+.

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