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Tidying up a Pie chart


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There are a few things you could do - some easy, some more demanding. 

It is customary for a pie chart to order the slices from largest to smallest. This is easy to do by re-ordering the records based on the summary field totaling/counting the values shown in the chart.

You could also reduce some of the clutter by showing only the percentages or only the values - not both. 

You can gain some space by using a flat pie chart instead of a 3D one. This is also recommended for more accurate representation of the data.

Now comes the difficult part:
When data has more than say 5 categories, it is customary to merge the smaller groups into a single slice labeled "Other". Filemaker has no built-in mechanism for this; you would have to script the collection of the data into variables, and make the chart show the data from there instead of directly from your table.

Finally, because of the limitations of Filemaker's built-in chart tool, many developers turn to using a web viewer instead. There are existing Javascript libraries you can use for this, or write your own. But this too is an advanced topic.



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This topic is 963 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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