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Carafe and iPad

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I have a database hosted on a FM Server ( v19 ) that contains multiple Carafe charts on a dashboard layer. Connecting to the hosted database works fine from my Mac but as soon as I connect using an iPad and view the Dashboard layer it refuses to open and display. All other layouts display it's just the ones that contain the Carafe JS charts. Do I need to install a plugin on the server allowing iOS devices to display the dashboards?

The Server is running on a Windows Server 2019vm

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Generally, the WebViewer, and by extension, Carafe bundles, should work fine on iPads. When you mention iPad, do you mean Go? Or perhaps are you using WebDirect?

There used to be an issue in versions of FMS less than 19 with WebDirect, which required us to do platform detection, and base64 encode the data url, but that's no longer needed in 19.

In any case, it can work, so if it's not working, that doesn't mean it's unfixable. You'd need to get into more detail though to sort it out.

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