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Animated Go To Layout - Desktop

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Wondering if any insiders know if the "Animated Go To Layout" will ever be available on for desktop version of FMP?

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I've done a crude search for such a plugin with no luck. If anyone know where to find, help us out! lol

I'd love to use an animation... it really seems to help user keep context while moving to an entirely new layout... I think i would prefer a layout animation over a Pop-Over, or even a Card Window.

I'm on this kick of trying to make my desktop solution as small as a phone app.

p.s. I have my solution primarily displaying in List Mode, otherwise I would just take advantage of the Slide Control. 

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I have a grandchild..

Project > Assignment > Milestone

I like the List view because I can find and sort that way I want... as well as change the what is populated by Sub Parts... i can show Deadline Priority, or a General View... I believe portals can be displayed similarly, but the programing required for this is way above my skill level, and hardly worth the complexity.



Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 5.04.24 PM.png

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updated screenshot
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